REPRESENTATION in the United Arab Emirates

As an Italian Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, I am able to support small and medium-sized Italian companies interested in entering the United Arab Emirates market in a concrete and proper way, as well as to offer the service of on-site representation with the Agent and Commercial Office.

After an initial evaluation of the insertion project along with the features of the product and/or service offered, the Italian company will be internally (fundamentally, inwardly) supported both in Italy and the United Arab Emirates through the Italian Representative and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai.

Businesses involved in international competition grow up and expand comparatively faster thus generating jobs and wealth for their own home countries even those thattake the first steps towards extending abroad like SMEs. This fact is evidenced by the research done by Politecnico di Milano on companies funded by the funds for Internationalization and Export.

By analyzing the companies that have been granted a soft loan for "Non-EU Market Entry Programs" for the period of 2006-2016, with the aim of opening up business locations in these countries, the results in terms of number of employees, sales, revenues, net profit, EBITDA, exports are very positive.


Considering first of all the aspects of employment, in both concluded and on-going initiatives, the impact on the number of employees for incentive-induced companies in pre- and post-incentive periods has increased by 15.25% against a sector average of 0.46%.


Particularly positive is the performance on revenues that shows incentive delivery increase far higher than the pre-incentive situation, both for on-going and concluded initiatives. The increasein revenue was 32.43%, compared to 8.15% of the average of the trends in the affiliates.

Net Profit and EBITDA

In the case of the net profit, if we compare the performance of the companies benefiting from internalization financing with the performance of the other companies belonging to the same sectors, the result is + 21.09%. Looking at EBITDA, the parameter recorded a growth of 28.02%, against the average growth rate of 0.14%. Specifically, it follows a positive performance for concluded initiatives, which shows positive post-incentive increase of 60.66%.


And finally, by analyzing the export performance of the companies, the beneficiary ones showed a 33% cumulative export growth over the three years after the first incentive compared to the companies from the corresponding sectors.

Summarizing the results of the research on the funded companies done by the Politecnico di Milano it is highlighted that the involvement in the foreign competition generates wealth for the company and expands the number of employees in Italy. An enterprise that grows and benefits has more opportunities to invest in innovative technologiesthus enabling itself to become more competitive. A virtuous circle that every SME can benefit through a soft loan for internalization also covers feasibility studies, participation in fairs, exhibitions and system missions, capitalization of exporting SMEs and technical assistance. In this way, there is also anopportunity to get an institutional partner as an important business representative, especially if the goals that the company wants to reach are distant geographies.

Internationalization of the companies

Export consulting for businesses

Business internationalization is becoming increasingly relevant in a "globalised" world which is constantly seeking out new profitable markets to expand one's trade.

With the aim of unlocking new markets for our clients, we provide assistance through all stages of the internationalization process, i.e. setting up the business under different legal forms depending on the type of activities conducted outside the country,with clear fiscal and commercial benefits for the client.

With our close network of correspondents in various countries worldwide, our firm is able to give step-by-step assistance to companies intending to open branches, subsidiaries or offices abroad in order to expand their business by setting up in new countries and unlocking new markets.

Since acquiring the title of Italian Representative to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in UAE and Italian Chamber in the Caribbean, our firm can provide all-round support for clients in these two dynamic and attractive markets.

The UAE and Caribbean Area for different reasons are two of the most interesting markets in the world for Italian companies to develop business abroad. The UAE for its position in terms of logistics, with hubs for the Middle and Far East, as well as Africa, hasa very appealing tax incentive policy for investments from foreign companies. Whilst Caribbean Area has a population who will have a strong "desire" for Italian manufacturing and love products of Italian excellence.

International tax advisory services

The need for international tax advisory services is a direct result of the globalised marketplace, forcing companies to be more competitive and at the same time more informed about new business opportunities.
We offer international tax advisory services for both privatepersons and corporations.
We help clients to develop their business projects andprecise assessment of their needs without preconceptions, and firmly do believe in the need for small and medium-sized enterprises to find “new” spaces in “new” markets.

We offer support in setting up cross-border corporations and joint-ventures, as well as for tax and corporate disclosure practices.

On an international scale, the completion of an IPSOAMaster’s degree in International Tax Law run by Prof. Maisto and successful participation in the LLMprograms in International Legal StudiesinWien(in English), deemed one of the world’sbest in this field, represent qualifications that not only set our firm apart, but also reassure clients of our high quality services.

What we do:

Special expatriate consultancy services for the following types of activities:

  • Enrolment in AIRE;
  • RW module (foreign shareholdings and bank accounts);
  • Income tax returns for foreign residents.

Moreover, for corporations:

  • Set-up and domiciliation of international corporations;
  • Tax planning;
  • Development and management of teaming agreements;
  • Transfer pricing services.