Network -Eng

The network is a very important element for the Firm and its philosophy, since it is the innovative aspect, the one that distinguishes it from the rest of the Italian legal firms.

Beyond the well known system of “correspondents” (lawyers deployed in other districts that are given instruction by a lawyer called “dominus”), even if necessary and used by this Legal Firm, we are creating a system of cooperation with steady basis, integrated among all professionals.

The external professionals that I have a partnership with come from different professional worlds but complementary with mine, that from the beginning shared and promoted the initiative of Studio Legale Facchinetti, and therefore decided to cooperate with us on a steady basis, though the adhesion to a gentlemen's agreement.

Internal Professionals

Avv. Monica Lunardi

Avv. Eleonora Mascaretti

Avv. Eleonora Busnelli

Dott.ssa Alice Dondina

Dott.ssa Federica Suma

External Professionals

Dott.ssa Nara Aslanyan


Administrative Office:

Loredana Biffi