Simone Facchinetti -Eng


Graduated at Università degli Studi di Milano with a thesis in inheritance law, particularly interested by the inheritance law and more in general by the private law.

He conducts his forensic practice in a well known Legal Firm in Monza, where he mainly deals with third party insurances, and civil law in general.

He gains field experience with contract law, corporate law, real estate law and inheritance law as a result of two years working for a well known notary firm in Milan.

Expert of insurance law, he attends at Università Bocconi di Milano a master in “insurance and risk management”. He co-operates with Società Reale Mutua di Ass. In the R.C.G. office and Lavori Pubblici in the executive office in Turin Via Corte D'Appello n. 11.

He deals with leases, debt collections and civil and business law, juridical and extrajudicial law, in particular of civil and contractual responsibility, as well as e-commerce, Information Technology, legal protection of patents and brands.

Interested by bankruptcy law (course as trustee in bankruptcy at Tribunale of Milano in 2003)

Expert of labour law (specialization course IPSOA 2004) and contractual law, he provides consultation and assistance both juridical and extrajudicial.

Arbiter and conciliator for IT controversy.

He also deals with administrative and criminal law (conferences about “Environment protection” and “Offences against the environment”).

Expert in family law (family law course IPSOA 2002 and specialization course AIAF 2004-2005) in general and professionals civil responsibility (civil responsibility course IPSOA 2002 and refresher course at Tribunale di Milano 2003).

Expert of corporate law (refresher course at Tribunale di Milano 2004-2005).

Member of “Lions Club” Paderno Dugnano in 2004-2005.

Fiduciary ARAG (guarantee and legal protection society).

Member of “Lions Club” Paderno Dugnano and member of the executive board in 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.

In June 2006 the book “Representation, advertising and sponsorship expenses” was published by SE Esselibri, written by Law. S.Facchinetti, Dott. A.Traballi and Dott. M.Turri, he provides consultation at public and private institutions on the subject of contracts and sponsorships.

Expert of trust law (refresher course in 2005 at Ordine Avvocati di Milano).

He obtained in December 2006 a Master in labour law, granted by IPSOA, and he attended refresher courses on labour law, for example the one in May 2007 “remote supervision and defence supervision on workers” organised by LRA (Learning Resources Associates).

Legal reference in France – Brittany region – for the Comunità dei Comuni di “Saint Méen le Grand” - for the promotion and business development stages of Italian businesses in the Brittany region.

Member of “Lions Club” Paderno Dugnano and member of the executive board in 2005-2006 and 2007-2008.

Improves his competences on Credit and Risk Management, as well as on trust law and environment law, according to the market needs and the newest reforms.

Promoter, in February 2007, for Lions Club of Paderno Dugnano, of a meeting with Judge Dott. Piero Calabrò from Tribunale of Monza as a lecturer on the subject of “legal protection of disabled people and Tribunal in defence of the rights of disabled people”.

Published (on page 13) on “Guida Avvocati 2007 Business Edition” by Top Legal (legal magazine).

Expert of international contractual law (“intentional contractual law” course organised by Centro Studio Ateneo in October 2007)

Writing a book with Law. Matteo D'Argenio, published by FAG with the title “L'intermediazione dei prodotti assicurativi"

In July 2009 participates and co-founds the political party UNIONE ITALIANA ( 

Studio Legale Facchinetti once again is published on the magazine "TOP LEGAL" for its profile and its services given to its clientele both corporate and private, since 2010 the Firm is active in the social sector lending its services and help to the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM ( sponsored by UN, by the Lombardy detachment.

In December 2010, the strategic entrance of Studio Legale Facchinetti in the "Associazione Fondazione Imprenditoriale Italiana" (A.F.I.I.), where it became the referent for the “legal” sector in Lombardy (especially in the cities of Milan and Monza), increasing the operation range n the territory as well as the range of offered services. Published in 2011 the book “SPONSORS AND SPONSORED. THE CONTRACTS” written by Law. Simone Facchinetti and dott. Luigi Patisso.

Specialising in bankruptcy law and reorganization after company’s bankruptcy, as well as in the “family office” sector, offering consultation for the family property protection and management of business with a generational turnover

Interested by sports law co-operates as a lecturer for the MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) and in the MASTER IN SPORTS LAW AND MANAGEMENT

Member of the Lions club Paderno Dugnano.

Elected President of the Lions Club Paderno Dugnano ( in 2012-2013.