Analysing how the structures from which he came from couldn’t be the only reference for his private and business clients in Italy, Law. Simone Facchinetti drawn fully from his experience to offer a new type of Legal Firm that provides both consultation and assistance in a traditional way in the main fields of the law (whether civil, family, commercial, labour or criminal) as well as a new approach to the legal profession with online consultation services.

The Legal Firm Law. Simone Facchinetti goes beyond the traditional definition of Legal Firm and presents itself as a new type of structure, that can provide legal assistance and consultation, through a network of lawyers and professionals, in most branch of the law, both with traditional means and online consultation.

The current structure co-operates with professionals from every sector and with businesses like "STUDIO DOTT. ARMANNI CRISTIAN – managing consultation and financial advisor and facilities” and "SI.RE.CO. - Sinergy Real Estate and Consulting", STUDIO PAGLIACCI, STUDIO LUMINATI and “ 360° Credit Trading” – “3 Fasi investigazioni” investigation and debt collection society and “Novastudia”, “Azienda Amica” and "Gold Assopar", as well as the co-operation with “Arag SpA Tutela Legale” and “Associazione Fondazione Imprenditoriale Italiana” represent the strategic partnerships of Studio Legale Facchinetti to guarantee and even more complete and vast service to its clientele.

r.c. professional insurance GROUPAMA ASSICURAZIONI SPA policy n. 0001100391.